Here's the official video of The Tides Project: North Pacific Gyre, the latest installment of the ongoing #TidesProject between choreographer Maura Donohue and myself, a look at Anthropocenic ocean phenomena.  This immersive work is based on the trash vortex of the Pacific Ocean, the acidification of our waters and subsequent mass extinction of ocean life. The costumes and props are all donated/repurposed plastic bags, handmade by the choreographer and performers. Every single artist involved in this project is a master of their craft and I'm too stoked for the #TidesProject, round 3, for which we are currently regrouping and planning. Performers emerge from a blanket of plastic to envelope audience members before getting caught in the vortex and trash flies everywhere. Shakuhachi artist Perry Yung calls in a death dirge as we, the fauna and flora of the ocean, die a filthy, writhing death at the hands of man-made, non decomposable waste.

I was also choreographed into this one, joining the dance ensemble on the floor before and after stationing at my rig to improvise the body section of the music. 

Performance of work by Maura Nguyen Donohue, Music by Adam Cuthbert, Shakuhachi by Perry Yung, Incoming Tide shot by Lynn Thu Tun, Costumes/Set/Props by Maura Donohue
Dancers Kristina Dobosz, Maura Nguyen Donohue, Kirsten Flores-Davis, Graziella Murdocca, Gilbert Reyes, max desire siegling, Wang Chou Yeh. At West End Theater for Women In Motion program Soaking WET on Friday 5/22/15. Supported by Manhattan Community Arts Fund of Lower Manhattan Cultural Council grant and a Women in Motion commission.