say-khul is the latest collaboration between the sound projects M.O.T.H and kuuma and their first joint recording. recorded live to 4 channels, the rugged through-composed recording comes on the tails of their respective albums 3 Vignettes and synthetic flora.

performed with guitar and drum machine played into a signal flow loop and let spun through filters and wires, say-khul explores the blended aesthetics of analog and digital signals routing into and through each other, by way of Finch's analog pedal systems, and Cuthbért's homebrew filter macros and drum synths.

an unknown variable - a classical radio station signal - was picked up by an FM pedal during the recording and routed through the complex i/o, generating a surreally-framed rococo vibe to the recording's outro.

say-kuhl is streaming on Spotify, Tidal, and Apple Music and is a free download on slashsound's Bandcamp page.