concert music

(composed works for acoustic instruments)

for score rental and reorchestration inquiries, email me.



composite objects (2017)
amplified tp, pf, vb
Grand Valley State University for the Distinguished Alumni-in-Residence event


new work: mixed ensemble (TBA 2018)
vn, vc, db, bcl, pf, perc, sound system
Echo Chamber


clover (2017)
amplified wind ensemble, synthesizers
Farmington Music Patrons for the Performing Arts Center Dedication & Opening Concert


5 tracks for ensemble and sound system (2017)
vn, vc, asx, fl, bcl, pf, perc, sound system
Grand Valley State University New Music Ensemble
as recorded on RETURN (Innova 983)

• location sharing
• background refresh
• elegant
• there are no gradients
• in the manner of her operations


network-administered opinions (2016)
cl, ob, sound system


democracy looks like (2015)
4 kalimbas, .als, sound system
Third Coast Percussion


“I am so happy my 1964 daughter is again pregnant with so many remarkable new children.” – Terry Riley (c/o The New York Times)

f#@! (2015)
open instrumentation
Patrick Grant, Make Music New York
in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Terry Riley's In C

photo c/o Jocelyn Gonzalez


"hard to resist the vigor and inventiveness of his writing"
– san francisco chronicle

"deeply calming, and evoked a pulsating orb repeatedly expanding and contracting"
– san francisco Classical Voice

"a remarkable work... perfectly integrated with the electronics and fully exploiting a combined sonic palette that convincingly captures its monumental subject matter." – new classic la

universe explosion (2014) double string quartet version
4vn, 2va, 3vc
Friction Quartet


anxiety is the dizziness of freedom (2013)
open instrumentation SATB, digital waveforms
Shenandoah Arts Council


16 cells (2013)
2 va
Gabe Taubman & Hannah Nicholas


universe explosion (2013) mixed nonet version
fl, cl, 2vn, va, vc, db, perc
Bang on a Can Summer Festival


beer city fanfare (2013)
4 tp
International Trumpet Guild


several rooms away from their source (2012)
David Osbon, London Cultural Olympiad

i. clanking metal-on-metal garage skip-and-swing
ii. a sense of space where there was once an object
iii. trance


rupture (2011)
3 percussion, digital waveforms


emotional balance (2011)
tp,dj or vn,dj (2011) 10'
film by John David Forslin


gaia (2010)
wind ensemble (grade 4)
Kristi Jasin, Livonia Franklin High School


new work: solo trombone (TBA 2018)
amplified bass tb, subwoofer
Adam Graham


solo percussion (2vb), sound system
Robby Bowen


a new everything (2013)
t. sax, loop pedal
Kendra Emery


manual transmission (2013)
violin, .als
Todd Reynolds


sonata for trumpet and launchpad (2013)
trumpet, .als
John Adler


three and a half legged dog (2013)
bass trombone, pf
Adam Graham


no hipster hats (2012)
trumpet, .als


“trumpeter samuel wells was featured on three of the evening’s works… of these, cuthbert’s [rikai] was the most successful… his layering became masterful as the piece gained steam. there were times of almost mikel rouse-ian pop melodies at the piece’s glorious conclusion.” – kc metropolis

rikai (2010)
trumpet, .als
film by John David Forslin


scarlet rising moon (2009)
trumpet, .als



"I like Adam Cuthbert’s arrangement." – Zoë Keating

Zinc (arr. Cuthbért)
music by Zoë Keating
fl, cl, vn, vc, pf, perc (2011)
Grand Valley State University New Music Ensemble


“This concert ended with three [In C] remixes, arranged [by Adam Cuthbert] to involve live performers, yielding a kaleidoscopic refraction of this landmark minimalist work, from the hypnotic crescendo of Zoe Keating's 'Zinc" to the childlike clowning of Jad Abumrad's 'Counting in C.'"– The Washington Post


Counting in C (arr. Cuthbért)
music by Jad Abumrad (RadioLab)
fl, cl, vn, vc, pf, perc (2011)
Grand Valley State University New Music Ensemble


The Dead Flag Blues and The Sad Mafioso (arr. Cuthbért & Rhode)
music by Godspeed You! Black Emperor
tp,vn,vc,2e gtr,e ba,drums, baritone (2010) 10'