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small ensemble

the full one hundred percent of my thoughts (2019)
vn, vc, db, bcl, pf, perc, sound system

composite objects (2017)
amplified tp, pf, vb

in the manner of her operations (2017)
vn, vc, bcl, tsx, pf, perc, mba, sound system

background refresh (2017)
vn, vc, asx, fl, bcl, pf, perc, sound system

location sharing (2017)
open instrumentation (SATB), sound system

network-administered opinions (2016)
2cl, sound system

democracy looks like (2015)
4 kalimbas, .als, sound system

universe explosion (2014) double string quartet version
4vn, 2va, 3vc

16 cells (2013)
2 va

universe explosion (2013) mixed nonet version
fl, cl, 2vn, va, vc, db, perc

beer city fanfare (2013)
4 tp

rupture (2011)
3 percussion, track

emotional balance (2011) 10'
treble instrument, dj (2011)

large ensemble

clover (2017)
amplified wind ensemble (grade 4)

f#@! (2015)
open instrumentation (single-page), sound system

anxiety is the dizziness of freedom (2013)
open instrumentation (SATB), sound system

several rooms away from their source (2012)
strings, winds, perc, iPads

i. clanking metal-on-metal garage skip-and-swing
ii. a sense of space where there was once an object
iii. trance

gaia (2010)
wind ensemble (grade 4)


solo percussion (2vb), track

a new everything (2013)
t. sax, loop pedal, voice

manual transmission (2013)
violin, .als

sonata (2013)
trumpet, .als

i. automatic shifter
ii. zenbu
iii. still life with synthetic flora

three-and-a-half legged dog (2013)
bass trombone, pf

no hipster hats (2012)
trumpet, .als

rikai (2010)
trumpet, .als

scarlet rising moon (2009)
trumpet, .als


Zinc (arr. Cuthbért) (2011)
music by Zoë Keating
fl, cl, vn, vc, pf, perc

Counting in C (arr. Cuthbért) (2011)
music by Jad Abumrad (RadioLab)
fl, cl, vn, vc, pf, perc

The Dead Flag Blues and The Sad Mafioso (2010) 10'
music by Godspeed You! Black Emperor
tp,vn,vc,2e gtr,e ba,drums, baritone