[Album] kuuma – becoming the moon


rhythm without calculation. 
momentum without destination. 
whim without preconception. 
emotion without analysis. 
landscape without what? 
nature can be synthesized. 

"Listening, it’s as though we’re transported into the inner recesses of the Internet, set down in media res in a realm we have never before experienced in such a way... – and then one shakes one’s head in momentary disbelief, for suddenly one notices that it’s not only the moving parts that are making the noise, but all the others as well! And what noises they all emit! The bottom line, we hear increasingly clearly as the track progresses and these cogs in the machine cease their mechanical operations and, as it were, begin to raise their voices: they are no more pleased with the tasks, the pace, and the hours demanded of them than are we human beings in all our various places of employment; and before we know it, we interlopers find ourselves right in the middle of a work stoppage, a general strike, or even an entire insurrection of technology..." – Musicuratum