[Album] Viberous – Splintered


"queasy and claustrophobic trip into sonic degradation. Do I sense a movement? Sign me up!" – An Earful, Best Electronic Music of 2018 

Splintered is the recent sonic endeavor by producer and sound designer, Viberous. Made possible by the Andreas Robbin’s Music Scholarship, this release is the result of studying under the guidance of UPA co-founder/teacher, Raz Mesinai. Originally set out to be an excursion into finding and creating more meaningful sound sources, Splintered has gone through many iterations to become what it currently is—a fragmented version of its original intentions. Field recordings such as walks in the woods with the deceased family dog, nostalgic timbres from an untuned piano in a back room, and reverberant taps of desert sandstone are some examples that give foundation to the release. These sources were then put through a process of destruction, degradation, and recycling to recontexualize a resonating palette. Previous versions of tracks run through tape, guitar pedals, and granular effects were then warped, chopped, and mangled into a new textured aesthetic. 

In part, Splintered embodies the fractured relationship we have with our environment and Nature—composed of life, tranquility, beauty and juxtaposed with fear, death, and consequence. 

Executive Producer - Underground Producer’s Alliance. Album Artwork - Sylvie Harris (www.sylvieharris.com). Additional Editing & Mixing - Raz Mesinai [1-5]. Remixes - Chris Jeffries [8] (a-0music.bandcamp.com), Adam Cuthbert [9] (i-vt.bandcamp.com). Mastering: Joseph Craig [1-7], Benjamin Young [8, 9]. Mentorship & Frequency Consultant: Raz Mesinai. UPA Records - www.upa.nyc