[Album] slashsound1.1


The sound of slashsound 2018 is found in 1.1. It is an inherent snapshot of the now.

With the success of RETURN, we are bringing what is immediate to our ear; all the projects happening in our creative lives; who we’ve been collaborating with in 2018. 1.1 contains the fierce melting chiptune of Phong Tran, paired with the chill lava lamp soundscapes of Daniel Rhode, between the digital soundprints of members of Echo Chamber and GVSUNME, under the sweltering gravity of skullcap5050.

Take a seat, look at your lawn or a lava lamp, pop a craft brew and listen to 1.1 as a manifesto for spring. not a manifesto of any grandiose worldview, just a collection of sounds we think are awesome.

slashsound1.1 is an invitation to hang with our crew, try some sounds and look forward. and if you like some of these sounds, let’s be friends.

Joe Tucker [percussion, latent quotient] & Aya Terki [cello, evenly distributed] recorded by Zach Herchen at Scholes Street Studio, Brooklyn, NY.  Dave Broome [piano, zero...sixty] & Joe Tucker [percussion, zero...sixty] recorded live at Roulette Intermedium, Brooklyn, NY.  Jonathan Fulk [cello, LENS FLARE] & Adam Cuthbért [trumpet, LENS FLARE] recorded by Adam Cuthbért at slashsound, Brooklyn NY.  Jonathan Fulk [guitar, MUNCH] recorded at the bleed zone, Brooklyn NY.  Mackenzie Mattis [glockenspiel, evenly distributed], Jenna Michael [violin, evenly distributed, neon-lit concrete dreaming] & Reese Rehkopf [piano, evenly distributed] recorded by Nikolaus Schroeder & Nate Bliton at the Thomas J. and Marcia J.Haas Center for Performing Arts, Allendale, MI, courtesy of Bill Ryan and GVSU New Music Ensemble.  Stefan Burnett aka MC Ride [lyrics & vocals, Stockton (Heero Yuy/IVT Remix)] courtesy of Death Grips, under Creative Commons license CC BY-NC 3.0. Stockton (Heero Yuy/IVT Remix) contains a sample from the so-called laws of nature by David Lang, courtesy of Red Poppy Music, from the album So Percussion (CA21022) performed by So Percussion, courtesy of Cantaloupe Music. Edited & Mixed by Adam Cuthbért [3,4,6,7,8], Daniel Rhode [2,10], Phong Tran [1], & Jonathan Fulk [5] & Raz Mesinai [9].  Mastered by Adam Cuthbért at slashsound, Brooklyn NY.