Music for Theatre

“The show’s most powerful element is sound designer and composer Adam Cuthbert’s richly textured musical score, which provides a thrilling soundscape that alternately energizes, engulfs, and steers the overall proceedings.“ – Backstage

the angle project

Under St. Marks Theatre,
east village, nyc
June 2018

Lost & Guided

Lost and Guided, written and directed by Irene Kapustina, is an original play based on interviews with Syrian refugees. Lost and Guided tells the story of how the lives of four young Syrians are changed forever after anti-government protests transpire in the city of Daraa.

pioneers go east collective

Incubator Arts Project,
east village, nyc
April 2013

7AM: Di Mattina

Take Me With You

Vola Canzone

Wolf and Sheep

Canzone Palomba Bianca

Based on Francis of Assisi’s allegories and hallucinations, 7AM: Di Mattina (7AM: The Morning) is a performance and visual installation with original arias in early Italian idioms juxtaposed with an electroacoustic live sound, coupled with live video evoking isolated figures in urban setting and contrasted with projected art inspired by natural landscapes. 7AM: Di Mattina consists of a series of hallucinations experienced by young Francis of Assisi which take place early in the morning inside his room. Francis, who has spent months recovering after returning from war, has visions that he does not understand.

Gian Marco Lo Forte (concept & direction, libretto); Maura Nguyen Donohue (choreographer); Daniel Nelson (associate director); Michael Hughes (assistant director); Adam Cuthbért (composer, sound designer); Kathryn Lieber (video design); Jiyoun Chang (lighting design); Abby Felder (dramaturge, costumes & mask design); Mark Tambella (paintings & projected drawings); Vinny Troiani (stage manager); Kyle Kravette (video cam operator/associate lighting designer). Performers (stage): Brian Walters, Dorothy James Loechel, Emily Asaro, Giacomo Rocchini, Daniel Nelson, Michael Lapinsky. Performers (music): Ashely Winland, Elise Brancheau, Rebecca Hudelson

l.a.pittenger productions

the tank, 
times square, nyc
october 2014


The single girl in apartment 12 seeks a quiet life, alone in her beautiful new lake view apartment. The boisterous guy in apartment 11 has other ideas. As the two forge an awkward friendship, relegated to their shared hallway, they navigate the perks and frustrations of apartment life. Suddenly, an unspeakable event threatens to uproot their fragile bond - and their lives. Brad Root and Abigail Ludrof share the stage in this clever homage to the films of Alfred Hitchcock, written by UK-based playwright Jason Hall, directed by Laura Pittenger, scored by Adam Cuthbért.

pioneers go east

La MaMa ETC,
east village, nyc
April 2012

S16 Luna Nera (Sulfer Black Moon)

Miners Inferno

Echo in the Tunnel


Becoming the Moon

S16 LUNA NERA (Sulfer Black Moon) is loosely based on the short story Ciaula scopre la luna (Ciaula discovers the moon) by Italian writer and playwright Luigi Pirandello and presents the life of a young miner, Ciaula, who works and lives inside a Sicilian sulfur mine in the 19th century.  S16 Luna Nera is a performance work exploring human displacement. The story analyzes the harsh lives of miners whose work subjects them to the danger of bodily injury, primarily from the ever present possibility of explosions. The stage action takes place in an installation environment that evokes a "diaphragm shutters" system inhabited by live performers, live music, animated video and projected art.  The world is created with smoke, see-through plastic screens, and mirrors, using live camera feeds projected on actors bodies to create an intimate experience of the desperation and psychological isolation of sulfur miners. 

Gian Marco Lo Forte (concept & direction & libretto); Adam Cuthbért (music & sound design); Maura Nguyen Donohue (choreography); Ji-youn Francesca Chang (lighting design); Mark Tambella (projected paintings); Abby Felder (costume design) Ido Levran & Rocco D’Santi (projection design). Performers (stage): Ian Cherry, Xavier Reminick, Giacomo Rocchini, Brian Walters. Performers (music): Ashley Winland, Rebecca Hudelson, Kat Yew.